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We, at “Plantinghub” are engaged in selling a wide variety of plants and gardening accessories to our valued patrons worldwide. Being located in India, we are one stop platform to find abundance of gardening stuffs, which are required for plantation and medicine making needs. Our core value is to deliver high quality plantation and gardening products to our customers and help them in their gardening and plantation campaigns.

Not only gardening products, we are also dealing in selling quality balcony & outdoor furniture possessing eye-catching look and perfect finishing as well. These products are widely used to make a place and its surroundings fascinating and enhance its beauty some more. Our stock is rich with all ranges of gardening items and plants, which are used at home, pharmacy, and office premises for decoration and medicine preparation purpose. We can deliver bulk quantity of gardening products for business and for personal uses as per requirement.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy behind starting “Plantinghub” is to support go green initiative in the form of mobilizing green plants which are used in the formation of Ayurvedic medicines. We want to be a good contributor in plantation campaigns organized at global level and help our patrons to spread greenery at every corner of the world.

We have set right goals to make such campaigns successful by providing necessary plants having vital use in medicines as well as Ayurvedic therapies. Hence, we have taken an initiative to provide all ranges of gardening products and variety of plants at one platform viz. ‘Plantinghub’.


Our Products

Our stock includes a wide range of plants and gardening items, which are frequently used at every office, home, pharmacy, and other commercial places such as:

Plants: This category includes a broad range of plants such as Flowering Plants, Foliague Plants, Indoor Plants, and Tiny Plants and Plants by Location. Under such categories, you will find different kinds of plants, which will vary in their features, nature, and uses as well.

Flower Bulbs: In this range, you can find an assortment of flower bulbs available in different seasons like winter, summer, and throughout year plants.

Seeds: Under this category, you will find good stock of seeds for flowers, vegetables, trees, and forest seeds.  We provide seeds used in different seasons like winter, summer, rain, etc. We store seeds at secure warehouse to maintain their quality and keep them fresh for sale in all seasons.

Planters: In this range, you can find different kinds of planters and other accessories used in plantation works. One can compare planters in our stock according to their sizes, colors, shapes, and season wise. Also, we have all types of planting accessories required during plantation.

Pebbles: We enable our patrons to find vivid types of pebbles at one place. Our collection includes pebbles in different sizes, colors, shapes, and materials.

Fertilizers: We are a right place to find quality fertilizers used in plantation work. Our inventory includes highly effective and organic fertilizers, which are useful for plants’ growth and make them secure from decay.