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The technique of growing plants on a vertically adjourned panel by using hydroponics is known as Vertical Gardening. This is done in different structures like it may be freestanding or attached to a wall. This concept of gardening is in existence since ancient time; many fresh vertical gardens can last for decades and give a contemporary of nature into the modern day business.

This gardening technique is a wonderful alternative to potted plants in the home or office space. Here vertical garden has some advantage over the potted plants as potted plants take up some space and require healthy maintenance while in case of vertical gardens one large panel is required to maintain, and it provides a luxurious look with colors to any professional environment.

  • Indoor Vertical Gardens
  • Exterior Vertical gardens

There are many advantages of vertical gardening as it is a superb way to enhance a building’s illustrations, improve air quality as well as employee attentiveness and energy levels. It is also very effective as we know the impact of Global warming that how it is affecting nature via air pollution and loss of green spaces. Here it plays a significant role as a solution for any property interested in refining their space with essential paybacks of nature.